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Thursday, August 02, 2007

About to Go Way Out on a Limb

This is what I'm thinking. And I know I've gone mad. Absolutely bonkers.

I'm finally having the back yard redone. New fence? Check. Landscaping, almost done. I'm thinking I need a dry river of pebbles. And a little Japanese bridge over that. Then it hits me. This urge. This need that I didn't even know I had...

I want, I need to build a treehouse. My God! Really??! For Little E. or me? She will love it, of course. But.

With a small child and another on the way, is this the best use of money and time?


It might be too late. I'm already two treehouse books in (The Treehouse Book, Treehouses (The House That Jack Built Series)). I've got a third. I've started looking at the lone, big tree in the back, lovingly, imagining the possibilities.

I really don't know if a grown man should look at a tree like I'm been looking at that tree. Perhaps only another man with kids will understand.

I am motivated. Inspired. Is this the way back to my childhood? The one I never really had?

Stay tuned.