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Monday, November 20, 2006

Monkey Pie Stays in the T-Shirt

Little E.'s soft toy, Monkey Pie, has become my muse, according to the wife. She may be right.

T-shirt #2, Iron on Transfer #1.

Where I Got the Design: While surfing online, I discovered this print by Jamfancy. Check out the original here. The little girl in the picture had a passing resemblance to Little E. But in the original picture, she is hugging a teddy bear. So...

What I Did: Photoshopped Monkey Pie into the picture and printed it onto Iron On transfer paper, then ironed it on to her shirt.

Cost: $3 for the shirt, $1.20 for the paper.

The Look on Little E.'s Face When She Saw Her Shirt: Priceless.

Downside: Maybe I didn't print it properly or it's a cheapo paper, but it's not holding up very well. After a couple of washings, parts of the design are peeling.