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Monday, February 26, 2007

Carnival of Family Life

Be sure of catch the latest addition of the Carnival of Family Life hosted by Modern Sage.

Friday, February 23, 2007

If You Make E. a Gingerbread Baby T-shirt...

It started just before Christmas. It started with Jan Brett's book Gingerbread Baby. Little E. loves the book. Practically memorized the entire thing. I kid you not. So I made her a t-shirt. I used the same iron-on process as the previous tee.

What I did.
1. I scanned the cover of the book for the artwork. Lifted the Gingerbread Baby and the text.
2. Printed it out on the iron on paper.
3. Ironed it on a blank tee. And Voila!

Total cost: $0 (I had all the materials on hand).

Of course, now she wants a Gingerbread house. After searching high and low online, the wife found Jan Brett's own website which had a little project showing you how to make your own cardboard house.

I followed the instructions and here's how it turned out.

What I did.
1. Printed the sides, in color, on an Avery labels.
2. Stuck it on cardboard.
3. Cut the cardboard and glued it together to make the house.


If you make little E. a Gingerbread house, she's going to ask for a Gingerbread Baby. Silly me. Why didn't I think this through before I started on all of this?

Using the same technique as the house, I made a Gingerbread Baby that E. can play with. I had to use a clip thingy to make it stand by itself.

That's it. Never again.