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Thursday, October 19, 2006

E. Provides the Soundtrack for this Video

So I made this video short.

Occasion: No occasion. Just wanted to try out this stop-motion video short tutorial I read in Photomojo. Also, I wanted to preserve some audio we have of Little E. singing.

Inspired by: Little E. playing with all her toys, lining them up like a train.

Difficulty: Med/Hard.

Click here to view the full video.

Haring Screen T-Shirt

This is a t-shirt I made for the wife. It is a Keith Haring design of a Man and Woman Holding Up a Child in Celebration.

Occasion: Wife's birthday.

Where I got the Idea: From this tutorial here. Basically, the steps are:
  1. Get a design.
  2. On a embroidery hoop, copy design onto the hoop with pencil.
  3. Paint the negative (white) space with glue.
  4. Lay it over the shirt, paint over the lines (black) space with Black fabric paint.
  5. After it dries, iron to seal it.
Definitely check out the tutorial for detailed instructions.

Difficulty: Easy/Medium.

Time: Can be done in a weekend or less, if you're organized and can gather all the materials beforehand.

Cost: $10-$15. The shirt was free.

Post-Mortem: It definitely didn't come out as clear as I wanted. Some of the lines are jagged. Maybe I used the wrong kind of mesh. Anyway, for my first effort, not too bad.

My next attempt will be a Stencil Screen Method. Stay tuned.